• Jade Benham

The strongest team for the survival of the club

I wasn't going to do "How To Vote" cards.

I don't agree with telling people how to exercise their democratic right to vote freely.

I do, however, love sports, and I don't mind offering my opinion on the subject regardless of code, as long as I know the stats, the facts and understand what suggestions I'd make based on head or heart.

So, I got thinking some more. I do that a lot. Sometimes, perhaps too much, but I started thinking about what I'd say if Damien Hardwick asked me who I'd put in as Richmond's best 18 against St Kilda in tonights final.

Would our squillion dollar full forward would make the cut with that hamstring, and is Shane Edwards really one of the best small forwards in the game? Could Grimes be as good as Rance and is Dusty as good as the hype suggests?

(the answer is no, yes, yes & yes respectively in case you're interested.)

So I continued thinking about picking the best team for the Council chamber.

I've been asked many times this week by members of the community in the north of the municipality who I'd put in as the strongest team.

Who could work productively and cohesively together for the betterment of the club (the club is a metaphor for the community).

Not who shares the same views on everything, gosh that would be boring, but of the other candidates who has a broad scope on the whole municipality and brings different strengths to the game.

Who has knowledge on agricultural and labour issues?

Who has immense knowledge of the water industry and the right bodies to advocate for reform too?

Who understands the planning scheme?

Who has a head for policy and process?

Who has knowledge of engineering matters?

Who has excellent communication skills?

Who has established networks in higher levels of government?

Who has excellent business and finance knowledge?

So when thinking about all of these questions, I've drafted my strongest team based on the knowledge and facts I have, not based on emotions, not based on who's about to play her 300th game, but about strength, respect and consistency.

Here's my team in no particular order;

- Obviously myself and I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't like the captain's role one day, but I shall settle for part of the leadership group for now.

- Ann Young, a tough old school rover who works hard for the team

- Bill Moar, an agile full forward who consistently kicks goals

- Chris Jeffery, a strong defender who's precise when kicking out of the backline.

- Les McPhee, will probably go onto umpiring once his playing days are done but has an abundance of experience to bring to the big dance.

- Nicole McKay, can be a rogue back flanker at times but can duck and weave like Dusty to get out of trouble.

- Stuart King, a first year player but mature age draftee who understands the engine room.

So there you have it. That's my team.

Now let's hope the Tiger's can get up tonight and I'll be halfway satisfied.

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