Hi, I’m Jade Benham

Business owner | Farmer's wife | Farmer's daughter | Mother | Step-Mother | Communicator | Networker | Visionary | Advocate | Deputy Mayor 


Born in the old maternity wing

Swan Hill District Hospital

First daughter of Tori and Rosie Ficarra.

Grand Daughter of Keith & Joyce Woodburn (Woorinen)


Charlie & Pasqualina Ficarra (Tresco)


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Swan Hill Rural City Council

Councillor 2019 - 2020

Robinvale College Council

2019 - present

Robinvale Euston Suicide Prevention Network

Founded 2020

Swan Hill Sunrise Rotary

Charter member 2010

Woorinen Football Club Operations dept.

2011 - 2012







My passion projects

I always have a passion project or five on the go, and as the saying goes "if you want something done,  ask a busy person."

Over the past 12 months, outside of Council, my business & young family I have been working on a mental health project with my husband & bringing community broadcasting to Robinvale.

With a background in radio, broadcasting is an important medium for small communities, especially those with linguistic diversity such as Robinvale and The Vale Podcast goes some of the way to fill a large hole that exists in Robinvale.

Find out more and listen here.

42K for 42K is a project that will bring practical change to the landscape of mental health services in Robinvale.

My husband is trying to raise $42,000 by running the Melbourne Marathon to facilitate a FREE, walk-in, weekly mental health clinic, with one of these per month dedicated to young people.

Find out more here.

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